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Top Pool Toys For Adults 21st April 2016

luxury swimming pool

Pool toys are not just for kids, and if you have a luxury swimming pool you plan on spending lots of time in this summer, here are just a few of the exciting gadgets you should consider investing in.

Floating speakers

Most people enjoy listening to their favourite tunes when relaxing by the pool, and now if you want more control over your song choices while taking a dip, you can get yourself a wireless floating speaker.

This water-resistant pod floats on the water, so you can change tracks without having to get out of the pool and dry off.

Remote control snack and drink float

Similarly, if you don’t want to leave the warm water to enjoy a something to eat or a refreshing drink, you don’t have to anymore with the snack and drink float.

The device is operated with a remote control and can fit five glasses and a bowl of goodies in the centre, enabling you to cool yourself down with an ice-cold drink – so long as you have someone outside of the pool happy to keep your supplies replenished.

Pool poker

A game of poker can now be enjoyed anywhere at any time of the day, by buying a floating games table.

You can find inflatable sets that include waterproof cards and coins, as well as floating chairs so you can enjoy a sit down while playing as well.

Floating coaches

Inflatable lilos and doughnuts are nothing new, but these days you can buy yourself far superior alternatives.

For instance, you can get a floating coach with cup holes for your cool drink, or you could invest in an inflatable cabana to shield yourself from the sun. Or why not buy a family couch so you can cosy up with your kids or loved one while floating on the water?

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