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Luxury Pools Feature In ‘World’s Weirdest Homes’ 22nd December 2015

Woman relaxing in infinity swimming pool on vacation

It is always interesting to see the grand designs of elaborate and palatial mansions, particularly when they are also eccentric and unique. That is why the TV show World’s Weirdest Homes has been capturing the interest of viewers all over the country.

And one particular feature all these imaginatively designed abodes include is, of course, a luxury swimming pool.

Channel 4’s latest property documentary takes a look at the most distinct houses around the world, allowing viewers to peek inside and see the crazy desires of their owners.

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton will countdown the top 20 strangest properties, with the final episode revealing the most bizarre place to live on earth.

While the contenders include the likes of a renovated dumpster truck in Brooklyn, which now has a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor shower, most of the homes showcase the ultimate in luxury design.

This includes Pierre Cardin’s bubble mansion in Cannes, France. The designer bought the property in the 1990s and it has seen a huge host of celebrities pass through its doors over the years, including Cressida Bonas, Dakota Fanning and Pierce Brosnan.

Its terracotta-coloured bubble-shaped rooms are spread over six levels and takes up 1,200 square metres.

The bubble palace does not just have one swimming pool, but three, giving visitors a choice of where they go for a relaxing dip. It also boasts a 500-seat amphitheatre where the 92-year-old can host huge events for his celebrity friends.

England also has its fair share of elaborately designed houses, with the Daily Mail revealing a Cold War bunker in London’s Chislehurst has been renovated into a £3.5 million property, now known as the Glass House.

The five-bedroom house features a stunning indoor swimming pool, which has become a centrepiece of the abode.

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