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Should You Buy A Plunge Pool? 18th August 2015

luxury swimming pool

If you’ve completed your new luxury swimming pool and are wondering if you should add something else such as a waterfall or hot tub, you might want to consider going for a plunge pool, a particularly good option if you have a small space that you’re not sure how best to maximise.

While these pools are not particularly well suited to pool games or an energetic swim, they do offer the perfect respite on a hot day. Imagine coming home from work during the summer and being able to relax and unwind immediately in a refreshing plunge pool. What could be better?

What’s great about this option is that plunge pools can be enjoyed year round, since they can be heated in the same way as a traditional swimming pool.

If you’re seriously considering a plunge pool, what about incorporating a water feature such as a wet wall? This will earn you serious design points immediately and make your plunge pool both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Keen athletes could even consider having a cold plunge pool straight after a long hard swim. It’s thought that if you jump into a cold pool after exercise or being in a sauna or spa, your blood circulation will vastly improve.

If you’re thinking of ways to expand the outside area of your home and improve the resale value of the property, a plunge pool is the perfect solution.

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