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Beware Of Bears In Your Luxury Pool! 24th August 2015


When you install luxury swimming pools at home, you need to make sure you’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep the local wildlife out – as one homeowner in California discovered after finding a bear taking a dip in her garden pool.

Ginny Pitchford-Joyner, from La Caada Flintridge in Los Angeles, discovered the animal in her backyard after a police helicopter circled overhead and warned her to stay inside, the Daily Express reports.

“I thought maybe there was a wildfire and then I heard them announcing something on a loudspeaker, something about staying in our homes, but couldn’t make out the rest of what they were saying. I checked the internet to see if anything was happening hen I turned back around and this giant animal was walking past our glass door,” she said.

If you live in a relatively rural area, the chances of having an animal take up residence in your luxury pool are probably quite high. You can reduce the danger to local wildlife by designing your pool with lounge edges along the sides to give them shallow areas from which they can escape.

Alternatively, consider building a fence around your pool or use nylon ropes along the side with knots at the surface of the water so animals like squirrels and mice can climb out.

You may be able to rescue certain animals yourself but if you do come face to face with a bear or other sizeable creature that may be dangerous, do not attempt to tackle it yourself.

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