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Can You Fit A Swimming Pool In Your Home? 28th October 2016




Relaxation Area with swimming pool, artificial waterfalls and wooden chairs


Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any property, but they do take up a fair amount of space and working out whether you’ve got room in your current property can be a challenge.


The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to have an indoor or an outdoor pool, and then think about where you will locate either option. If you have enough room in your garden for an additional building, this will allow you to have an indoor pool without any disruption to your home while you build it.


Outdoor pools are a popular option, but in the UK you need to consider how often you’ll be able to use it given our changeable weather.


Kate Moss has recently had planning permission granted to convert two outbuildings on her property, according to the Daily Mail, and these will become an entertainment area for guests complete with a swimming pool.


This is another option open to you should you have outbuildings on your property.


When you’re thinking about the space you need for a pool, remember to account for the area surrounding it where you can lounge and relax when you’re not having a dip. This is particularly important for indoor pools, as it will affect the size of the building or room where you’re planning to put the pool.


Once you’ve established that you have the space to add a luxury swimming pool to your property, you’ll need to think about the decor and design. Here at CBD Direct we have extensive experience in producing ceramics for swimming pools, so contact us to find out how we can elevate your pool to a work of art.

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