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Be Inspired By These Luxury Swimming Pools 2nd September 2015

luxury pool

If you’re looking into luxury swimming pool design at the moment but aren’t quite sure what direction you want to go in, why not do some research into the various pools to be found around the world to seek a bit of inspiration.

The Daily Mail has featured some of the greatest luxury pools that can be found, including the Hanging Gardens in Bali, which features some seriously stunning swimming and relaxation areas with enviable views facing an ancient Hindu temple and surrounded by absolutely beautiful countryside.

While you may not be able to fully recreate this amazing idyll, you can certainly take a few aspects from it to include in your own design.

Alternatively, why not be inspired by the Red Pool at The Library in Koh Samui in Thailand. The swimming pool here features red water, created by the red tiles that have been used to line the pool. This would be a relatively easy look to replicate – why not talk to us here at CBD Pools to see how we can help you get this intensely interesting look at home.

We’re also very impressed by the Ladera Resort in St Lucia, which features numerous luxury swimming pools that come with love seats hanging in the water and some amazing views.

Deciding on how you want your swimming pool to look shouldn’t be something you rush into and you should always seek the advice of experienced pool experts in order to ensure you get it right first time. It is a serious investment and you need to know that your money is being spent wisely, after all.

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