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Moscow’s Cathedral Of Christ The Savior Was Once A Swimming Pool! 26th September 2016

Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Russia, Moscow

It certainly makes for interesting reading finding out about the amazing luxury swimming pools there are around the world and even though we’re experts in our field, we do come across a story that surprises even us from time to time.

And we’ve just discovered that the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, once the biggest church in the orthodox Russian Empire, was transformed into a swimming pool a few years after the second world war.

According to Daily News Egypt, the cathedral – renowned for its stunning golden cupolas, visible from the Kremlin – was one of the casualties when the Soviets took power in 1917, with almost all churches in the country closed down, property confiscated and thousands of members of the clergy sadly shot. There was seemingly no place for religion in this new society, with churches given more secular functions such as libraries, cinemas, storage spaces and homes.  And, of course, swimming pools.

Joseph Stalin did apparently consider replacing the cathedral with a Soviet palace and a statue of Lenin on the top of the building, so the cathedral was blown up in 1931. However, this construction project was never finished but later down the line the biggest swimming pool in the USSR was constructed, twice the size of a football field.

The water in the pool was heated so residents could enjoy a swim all year round, although these days many Moscow locals admit that they have mixed feelings about the massive
swimming pool on the site of the cathedral. While they do have good memories of learning to swim there or meeting up with their friends in the summer months, some of them feel bad for
spending time in the waters of the pool, located on what was once a sanctified place.

If you’re planning your own swimming pool design at the moment, it might be a nice idea to bring in elements and ideas from this beautiful cathedral. You could, for example, give a nod to the shining gold cupolas and have beautiful gold ceramic tiles laid at the bottom and sides of your pool. Quite the talking point!

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