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New Trend: Natural Swimming Pools 14th September 2015

natural pool

Those of you looking into luxury swimming pools at this time may want to consider avoiding the use of chemicals such as chlorine and opt instead for a natural pool using only fresh water, an emerging trend for homeowners in the UK keen to introduce a bit of decadence in their gardens.

You might well think that these pools are harder to maintain and require more cleaning than a traditional pool but if you invest in the right kind of filter then this is simply not the case. Use a leaf skimmer regularly and prune your plants during the summer to aid filtration, before fully cutting them back in the autumn. If you have a filter, you may not need wild plants (which also serve to keep the water clean), but they do look lovely set against the water’s edge.

What you will need to do is make sure your natural pool is given a full service every three to five years to help stimulate plant growth and get rid of any anaerobic silt.

Other than that, you can treat your natural pool as you would a traditional one. Cover it over when it’s not in use with an aerated electronic cover that can serve as a solar heater to keep the water warm.

Natural pools are a brilliant way of encouraging local wildlife and if you have young children they’ll thoroughly enjoy looking out for dragonflies, water boatmen and the different birdlife that your new luxury pool draws in.

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