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Why Pick A Salt-Water Pool? 29th January 2016

Tester for pool in a hand against the background of the swimming pool.

We’re always ones to keep tabs on the latest and best luxury swimming pools, and this week, the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai announced the addition of a new extension, homing not just one, but two pools.

According to the Telegraph, the new ‘North Deck’ will be a fan-like protrusion from the hotel providing space for two curved swimming pools – one fresh-water and one salt-water pool. The two new additions will take the hotel’s swimming pool count to six.

But why a salt-water pool? It’s a question that comes up time and time again from people looking to install a unique swimming pool in their own home.

Salt-water swimming pools use a slightly different sanitation system than regular chlorine pools. It’s a common misconception that they contain no chlorine at all, which makes them popular with those who have sensitivity to chlorine. However, it is true that there are fewer levels of certain chemical compounds that may make a difference to sensitivity, as well as less of the smell of chlorine than a traditional pool.

Salt is added to the water instead at around the density of a teardrop some 32,000 parts per million less than a drop of ocean water according to the Washington Times.

However, the positives for the swimmer may well be outweighed by the damage it could cause your pool if not properly maintained.

This can include bleaching or damage to the pool surface, lights and equipment – and if not looked after, the system can also be susceptible to higher instances of bacteria breeding environments.

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