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This Spiral Pool Design Is Perfect For Disabled Swimmers! 7th September 2016

Disabled person swimming pool lift

With the Paralympics about to kick off in Rio (September 7th-18th), our thoughts have turned here at CBD Pools to how you can keep your luxury swimming pool ideals and still make sure that your new pool is perfectly suited to disabled people as well.

Swimming has been a part of the Paralympic Games since it was first included in Rome back in 1960. In all, four strokes are used by swimmers and this year, there are 151 medal events taking place for men, women and mixed relay teams.

Now, you may not want to have an Olympic-sized swimming pool installed at home (although if you’re a very keen fitness enthusiast, it might be appropriate), but it might be a nice idea to consider how your pool could accommodate people with needs different to your own, even if you don’t have any disabled people in your family or network of friends.

For example, you could invest in a gadget that allows wheelchair users to lower themselves in and out of the water, so they too can enjoy a refreshing dip when the weather heats up. Or you could have an access platform installed, or do some research into moveable steps to make it easier for people to get in and out.

However, we recently came across this article in Dezeen magazine that showcased a series of tent-like buildings that were designed by Issei Suma, an architect in Tokyo, who was keen to come up with something to help provide accommodation and meals to a small community in Japan. Called Jikka, the complex contains five separate structures that include features and facilities such as a spacious kitchen, timber roof beams and concrete walls – as well as a luxury paddling pool.

It was this pool that really caught our eye and got us to thinking about how pools could be designed and built to look amazing while also being disability-friendly. Mr Suma’s idea of designing the pool in a spiral is absolutely inspired, so wheelchair users can simply roll their way into the water and not have to worry about struggling to get out either. All they have to do is wheel their way out again.

Not only is it brilliantly practical from a disabled person’s perspective, but it’s also incredibly beautiful to look at. If you’ve got the space, you could incorporate this idea into your own luxury pool designs so that it spirals at one end perhaps and then stretches out to form a more traditional-looking swimming pool.

We’d love to hear what you think about this beautifully designed swimming pool. Is it something you would consider having in your own house or do you have something else in mind?

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