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Swimming Pools: The Traditional Symbol Of Success 19th May 2016

luxury swimming pools

Although no doubt owing somewhat to the frenzy of the British media tantamount to a few days of good weather, it seems that luxury swimming pools have been a hot topic among news outlets in the past few weeks.

This week has seen the Daily Star reporting on the planned construction of an elaborate and futuristic half-a-billion pound yacht, with the key feature a luxury swimming pool elevated a staggering 125ft above the deck.

Furthermore, just a few days ago the Daily Mirror published an article about a house in Cascais, Portugal, which boasts a luxurious outdoor swimming pool that floats above (yes, you guessed correctly) yet another lavish pool.

It seems, of late, that one would be hard pressed to avoid the subject. The elusive sunshine we anticipate in Britain come May inevitably brings with it a revival of our interests in these kinds of stories, spurred on by our futile hopes of a sunny summer and the inherent desire to swim outdoors..

Yet these stories come loaded with another, more subtle, connotation. The ownership of a personal swimming pool remains a pertinent indicator of wealth and affluence. This symbol in fact predates our own society. Even in Roman times the wealthiest individuals would boast large bathhouses on their estates as a physical representation of their prosperity and status. It seems this practice has survived the tests of time and still manifests itself today.

The aforesaid yacht, despite all of its state of the art and cutting edge facets, still highlights the luxurious swimming pool as its stand-out feature and an elevated representation of the success and opulence of the owner. The Cascais house uses the duality of its swimming pools to extravagantly and almost excessively embody not just the intricacies of the design, but the prosperity of its owner.

The ownership of a personal swimming pool is evidently, as it has been for centuries, a physical representation of the wealth of its owner and remains one of the fundamental benchmarks for success.

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