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Luxury Swimming Pools Top Choice For Prime Property Buyers 26th October 2015

People looking to purchase high-end homes in the UK have ranked luxury swimming pools as their top choice for sports and leisure facilities, according to new research.

Figures from Direct Line’s Select Premier Insurance show 17 per cent of real estate agents have seen demand for unique swimming pools increase. The organisation said a pool could boost a property’s value by as much as 15 per cent.

Other popular facilities include tennis courts and home gyms, with Direct Line reporting 9 per cent more requests for homes fitted with these additions. Spas are also seeing a rise in demand (8 per cent), while the popularity of home cinemas (5 per cent) showed improvement.

Even respondents who don’t believe sports and leisure amenities add value to a property admitted they could be a worthwhile investment. Some 17 per cent of people said these renovations increased the attractiveness and saleability of a listing.

Nick Brabham, head of Select Premier Insurance, claimed buyers want to enjoy their favourite activities without having to leave the home. Swimming pools, golf greens and squash courts are now becoming commonplace at the higher end of the market.

“As staying in continues to be the new going out, we are seeing more home owners embrace their favourite pastimes in the comfort of their own properties,” he explained.

However, he admitted that not everyone is keen on purchasing homes with existing sports and leisure facilities. In fact, there has been a 5 per cent rise in the number of people who prefer to buy properties with additional land in order to design their own amenities.

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