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Pool Inspiration: Milan 26th October 2016


MILAN ITALY - AUGUST 29 2015: Luxury Store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall in Milan with shoppers and tourists strolling around. Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1913


When it comes to a sleek, chic aesthetic in your interior or luxury swimming pool design, looking to the Italian for inspiration is a must. Of course, there’s no standard one look when it comes to Italian design or ceramics for that reason, but there are design tropes which you may see time and time again flipping through the pages of Elle Décor Italia which can help you to create a truly stunning Milan-inspired look, whatever country your pool is grounded in.


Of course, high-end Italian homes tend to use marble unsparingly – it’s a locally-sourced product, with marble formations spread throughout the land, and Italian marble really is considered one of the best.


While pure marble may give an incredible luxury finish, another great Italian export which is enjoying an interiors renaissance is terrazzo-style flooring. Originally invented by Venetian construction workers as a budget alternative, terrazzo sees scrap chips of marble and other stones cast in concrete.


And talking of renaissance, of course, Italy is perhaps most celebrated for its Italian Renaissance paintings and artists – a style which is still adopted in modern homes today. Italian homes are houses of contrast – super sleek modern interior pieces sit alongside Renaissance-inspired art cast in ornate baroque frames among traditional, highly patterned marble.


It’s a style that crosses minimalism and maximalism in a way that defies explaining, but can be seen time and time again in Italian culture. Compare it to Italian fashion, with design houses such as Versace who create cutting edge design with boldly ornate designs, which can be seen to be drawn from historic interior references such as the ones that make up Donatella’s own home.

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