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Swim Through The Sky At The Hotel Hubertus Resort 23rd November 2016


view on the Lake Braies and a hotel, surrounded by the peaks of the Braies Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy; blue sky and white clouds, hiking area


If you’re looking for something a little different for your luxury swimming pool, then pay a visit to Hotel Hubertus, a wellness resort in South Tyrol in Italy, where you’ll find an incredible 82-ft long pool that’s been suspended 40ft above the ground.

But that’s not all – the pool has also been built with a stunning glass window in the bottom of it so that swimmers can enjoy the illusion of floating through the sky… which does sound amazing but certainly not for the faint of heart.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Noa architect Lukas Rungger said: “For the design of the pool we were driven by the aim to blur the physical limits to create an element, which is interweaving with the landscape, mirroring the clouds and framing panoramic views.”

If you’re not particularly taken with the idea of swimming through the sky, there are other swimming opportunities to enjoy at the resort. There are six other indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the Alpenreych Spa and a sun terrace, so you’ll have a lovely holiday even if you don’t brave the suspended pool.

For further inspiration for your own swimming pool designs, if the idea of a suspended pool doesn’t appeal, do some research into the Cathedral of Christ in Moscow. Did you know this was once a swimming pool? The building itself is stunning and could certainly give you some food for thought with regards to colours and patterns for your own pools and ceramic tiles. Certainly, featuring gold as an accent shade could be a brilliant way of showing your new pool off at its best.

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