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The Globe: Glazing 6th August 2014

Glazing of the work is an intricate part of our ceramic process, a process that ensures all of the colours are utterly and totally permanent – completely suitable for its extreme location. There have been two ceramic materials and two techniques employed on this project. The materials are engobes and on-glazes each serving a particular purpose and each creating specific effects. The glazes are applied using hand brushes and air brushes.

Spray glazing is a vital part of the process – unifying the continents and bringing together a multitude of specially mixed colour (we specifically mix all glazes for each project) to bring cohesion and continuity to the work.

All glazing took place on our flat factory floor and you’ll see here that the fit of the tiles is not perfect – unplanned for fissures appearing in random places. Our final stage of production will bring the tiles back to the former – the curvature the ceramics were originally planned for.

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