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Two-Thirds Of Brits Want To Live Near Water 22nd March 2017

Over 60 per cent of Brits would like to live in a property near water, a new survey has revealed.

The Express highlighted the research conducted by Strutt & Parker, which found that proximity to water is something that the majority of us would be happy to pay for.

While the coast was the most popular option, with over 50 per cent of those questioned stating this would be their ideal location for a home, others preferred the idea of living near a lake, river or even a canal.

Partner in the company’s research team Vanessa Hale told the newspaper that people who live near water regularly report better health than those who don’t.

She cited a University of Exeter study, which revealed that living near the sea in particular resulted in people feeling healthier.

This isn’t the first time that water has been linked to wellness this year. In January, the Telegraph pointed to a growing trend among luxury property developers to include water features in their projects to improve residents’ wellness.

Of course, a water feature could also be a luxury indoor swimming pool, where you can not only sit next to the calming water, but also take a dip and do some exercise.

Having a pool in your home could be a particularly good option if you live in a city like London, where water views are at a premium. Although it’s not quite the same as looking out over the ocean, being able to chill out in a beautiful pool house could be the next best thing.


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