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Your Guide To Choosing The Right Swimming Pool 23rd September 2015

unique pool

Choosing the right unique pool for you and your home can be tricky if you’ve never embarked on such a project before but with a little bit of thought and some expert advice from us here at CBD Pools, there’s no way you can go wrong.

First of all, take a long hard look at your outdoor space as this will determine the size of your pool. If you’ve got a narrow yard, then you’ll only be able to have a slim-line pool, but if you’ve got a larger outside area you can go for different more interesting shapes.

Homeowners with a courtyard or small garden might find that a plunge pool is more appropriate, while lap pools can also be a good option if there is limited space. This is essentially a pool that is specifically designed with exercise in mind, typically long and narrow although it doesn’t have to be full-length. You can even opt to have special jets installed that give you something to swim against to really up the ante where your swimming is concerned.

Just because you may have limited space outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. However, you will have to think about how to maximise the various features to really make the most of your pool, so talk to your designer about fitting seating in appropriate places and building closer to the property.

Sun-bed water features, swim-up bars, infinity pools and spas are also options you can go for that will help to make your swimming pool really luxurious quickly and easily as well.

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