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3 Luxury Infinity Pool Design Ideas 2nd September 2015

unique swimming pools

Homeowners keen to install unique swimming pools at their properties might want to consider an infinity pool, one of the biggest trends to have come out of the industry in recent months and years.

You might think that you need to be on a cliff edge or already have some raised land at your disposal in order to achieve this stunning addition to your home, but this certainly is not the case. Any home can have an infinity pool – all you need is a little bit of ingenuity.

Your pool designer can build a platform up, for example, to create an edge for the water to run off into, so even if you don’t think you have the land available for such a pool it can always be built if required. Here are three key ideas for infinity pools if you’re still mulling over your swimming pool options at the moment.


Infinity pools are meant to serve as a place to wind down and relax in. They’re meant to be a place for contemplation and your design should reflect this. Keep the pool long and narrow if you can, and position it somewhere where the best views can be found. Provide space for loungers at the edge of the pool so you can achieve the same effect without having to get wet.

Local scenery

If you can, fit your infinity pool into the existing landscape so it seems like a natural extension of the land itself. As though it was meant to be there. Feeling at one with nature was never this easy.

Pool bar

For a true sense of luxury, include a pool bar so you can swim up and have your favourite cocktail made just for you.

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