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4 Of The Best Apps For Swimmers 13th July 2016

woman sitting next to unique swimming pools with tablet

Now’s the time to start combining your unique swimming pools with a touch of technology here and there. Did you know that there are countless apps out there for keen swimmers that can really help you foster a genuine interest in this sport? Here are four of our favourites.

Wild Swimming Britain


Available on the iPhone and iPad, this app is perfect for anyone living in the UK who wants to give wild swimming a go. It features all the best locations around the country so you can spend more time swimming and less time working out where to go.



Are you in the US? Then this is the app for you. It features 17,000 locations around the country so you can always find a swimming pool wherever you are. Now you never need to give up on your fitness goals!

Speedo Fit


This is the best way to set and reach your goals, tracking your swims and challenging yourself and your friends. You can log swims, times, strokes, notes and sets, sharing them all to Apple Health as you go.

Swimming Pool Games & Fitness


This app comes with a big selection of different swimming pool games, as well as ideas for pool parties and fitness plans. There’s also a swimming calorie counter to use if you fancy it. This app is the best of both worlds – now you can have fun and keep fit in the pool, depending on how the mood strikes you.

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