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Trend Alert: Swimming Ponds 9th May 2016

unique swimming pools

When it comes to unique swimming pools, you can’t get much more bespoke than a handcrafted mosaic design for your luxury pool, however, we’re pretty taken by this idea of a swimming pond created by a Swiss family at their home.

The family spent over £23,000 creating the design, according to reports, which spans the ideas of a garden pond and a swimming pool in aesthetic and function. Incorporating a 26 foot long, stone-lined swimming pool, the pond also includes a shallow area with natural pebbles and a water feature in its design.

With a clever filtration system, the pond doesn’t require chlorine to stay clean, meaning it can also be home to plants and even fish, while still remaining safe for swimming. A UV light system also helps to reduce bacteria and algae in the pond water and the family undertake additional cleaning every three weeks with a ‘water vacuum’.

The family designed and created the pond themselves from scratch, ordering the components from Germany before getting their hands dirty and building the design after having the site excavated.

With stylish modern wrap around decking, the garden has become an architectural delight and a design that is sure to inspire other pool owners.

The question is then, how will this idea be taken to the next level. The concept of swimming in naturally clean water with plants and fish is oddly appealing, however, with a higher budget and more space, this could really be a spectacular creation, using beautiful mosaic tiles to create something that pushes the boundaries of modern pool design.

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