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5 Essential Swimming Pool Accessories 24th August 2015

unique swimming pool

Installing unique swimming pools at home is a great idea – but it doesn’t stop at the pool and ceramic tiles themselves. You also need a few poolside accessories to really complete the project. Here are five must-have items to add to your list.

Solar cover

Investing in a solar cover is a good idea since it can generate heat from the sun but also reduce evaporation and slow heat loss down. It works by trapping heat in the bubbles underneath the cover to help keep the water warm. If you’ve got an indoor swimming pool, consider investing in a heat retention cover instead.

Automatic pool cleaners

Even if you hire a maintenance company, you should still invest in an automatic pool cleaner. There’s no point in having a beautiful luxury swimming pool if it looks unkempt and uncared for. There are several options available, from automatic boost pump cleaners to automatic suction cleaners.

Automatic pool cover

If you’d rather not have a solar cover, an automatic one might be the right choice for you. It can stop dirt, leaves and debris from falling into the pool and takes no time at all to put in place.


You can opt for in-ground, above ground or fibre optic pool lighting – perfect if you want to have a night-time swim. Make sure you have a control panel installed so you can use electricity safely in a wet environment.

Pool skimmers

Always keep a pool skimmer to hand so you can easily remove leaves and bugs that may fall in from time to time.

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