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Vacuum Cleaner Millionaire In Hot Water Over Swimming Pool 4th October 2016

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A luxury swimming pool is a staple in every millionaire’s home, but it is essential to get the correct planning permission if you are intending to get one built into your mansion. This is the mistake vacuum cleaner entrepreneur Sir James Dyson made, who has got himself into a spot of bother over fitting a beautiful pool in his impressive Dodington Estate home in Gloucestershire, the Daily Mail reported.

Despite the pool being completed four years ago, planning inspectors from South Gloucestershire Council have only recently been made aware of the £1 million addition to the Grade-I listed 18th Century house.

Sir James, 69, who is famous for inventing and launching the Dyson range of vacuum cleaners, bought the home together with his wife Deidre in 2003.

They decided an eight-foot wide pool would complete the grand, historic feel of the 600-acre estate, so set about constructing one. They had it fitted with Tuscan marble and uplights were set into the limestone floor for an atmospheric look.

The millionaire now faces a possible fine if the local authority does not grant permission for the pool, despite it having been in the building for the last five years. In this case, the basement, where the pool is situated, will have to be returned to how it looked originally.

In the worse case scenario, Sir James may be sent to prison for two years for breaching regulations when it comes to carrying out work on listed buildings.

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