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What Is Hygge? 1st December 2016




There’s a new buzz word in the world of interior design at the moment and if you’re thinking about how to incorporate the latest trends with your luxury swimming pools and other home décor ideas, you might want to start looking into it.

We’re talking about hygge – a concept that’s made its way over here from Denmark that encompasses the notions of a happy, simple life at home. It’s all about keeping stress at bay, spending time with family and friends, eating well and relaxing, however and wherever you choose to live your life.

So how can you go about bringing this concept into life in a practical way? Being brave with your decorating decisions is a must so take yourself out of your comfort zone if you can. Throw down some thick rugs on your floorboards, opt for large scale patterns for your wallpaper and fabric choices, don’t be afraid to use a lot of colour (but think dark and opulent wherever you can).

Shades like bronze, copper, gold, greys and deep reds will really help you get the look just right and make sure you bring in lots of lovely textures in each of your rooms. Think cashmere, velvet, wool, tartan, tweed, silk… you’ve got an awful lot to work with and it couldn’t be easier to bring these into your homes.

If you’d like to try and adopt a few little bits and bobs first before committing wholeheartedly to this look, why don’t you invest in some trendy filament lightbulbs and use lots of floor and table lamps to really create a cosy feel at home? Little touches and details will help you work out if this is the right look for you.

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